Application security practitioner, startup advisor/investor, and threat modeler to the stars.

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Chris is a leading voice and thinker in application security, threat modeling, and security culture.

Chris Romeo is currently the Chief Security Officer and co-founder of Security Journey Chris is the host of the award-winning “Application Security Podcast” and is a highly rated industry speaker and trainer featured at the RSA Conference, the AppSec Village @ DefCon, OWASP Global AppSec, ISC2 Security Congress, and All Day DevOps. Additionally, Chris was the Chief Security Advocate at Cisco for five years, empowering engineers to shift security left and building Cisco’s application and product security training program (Cisco Security Ninja). Chris has twenty-five years of security experience, holding positions across the gamut, including application security, security engineering, and incident response. Additionally, Chris holds the CISSP and CSSLP certifications. For more information, see Chris’s LinkedIn.